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The crest of wonder

on November 29, 2014

 An extract from the crest of wonder.

As Joan walked down the winding roads of Newcastle she got the feeling that she was being watched as she looked behind her to check if the feeling was there or even get a glimpse of who was watching her. She couldn’t get anything to see but the feeling was still there. She walked a little faster but at such a pace that no one would notice anything wrong. The walk became faster and faster until it broke in to a run. One more look thought Joan, just one more look. As her head turned to check there was a small hole in the road and she slipped and fell.

That’s how it all began

Chapter One

The Cave

As Joan woke up there was a pain in her head. the cave she was in was very circular. There was a faint light in the distance Joan ran and ran but soon became out of breath. Since Joan wasn’t exactly the best runner in the class. She came no closer to the light. “there is no point trying” said a soft voice behind her. “These walls are enchanted by the great and powerful Nguhal of Mareadadya”.

“Who are you? How long have you been there? What is your name?” was all Joan could manage.

My name is Riendy. I have been looking over you since you appeared in the cave.

So were you the one who was watching me.

Oh no that was Solina she is a friend of mine she is a centour and I am a griffen. I know what your thinking centour and griffen who thought it would ever happen. Well if you want to get out of here you only have to answer this riddle and I shall teleport you there, simple as that.

So what is the riddle asked Joan.

The riddle is who is the keeper of the dragon flame?

Ehhhhh some one

Okay I’ll give it to you this time since we are friends now, but i can only teleport you to the gateway of Nguhals castle and you will have to ask him for your innocence and to let you free.

Remember never enter lightening castle beware


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