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Mr Clumsy

on January 11, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a mr man, called Mr Clumsy.

He was very clumsy, as you can see by his name. He nearly walked into poles. He nearly walked into walls. And made lots of noise when he walked. He always drops things. But he is very funny. He likes to play a lot. He is VERY fun to play with. He is VERY big.  He is great fun, he is great.

He has lots of fun in his garden every day. He plays in his garden a lot. It is very fun. Soon Mr Daddy came over to play, they had a good time together. They played football. They had a great time together. It was fun playing football. Then miss Smile and miss Rachel came to play. It was fun. Soon mr Tadhg, mr Crazy and mr Finn came to play. They had a great time together. Soon it was time for dinner.

They all came to miss  Rachels house for dinner.  They all had a lovely dinner. They all went for a ride in the mountains. It was great fun. After that, they all had some ice cream. It was scrummy.

The End


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