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Miss Rachel

on August 31, 2012
Miss Rachel
Once upon a time there was a little Miss called Rachel who lived in a little house.
It was a lovely house. She liked her little house. She had lots of fun playing in her garden.
It was time for tea. She had a lovely tea. She had some toast for her tea. After her tea, she played a little more and then she went to bed. She had a lovely dream and then it was morning.
She had a lovely breakfast. It was a saturday. She likes to do some horse riding on Saturday, she liked horses. She went for a ride in her field. There was lots of flowers in the field. It was great. She liked playing a lot.
Then miss Smile came over to play with Miss Rachel. They had a great time. It was fun. Little miss Rachel and miss Smile went for a ride in the mountains. It was great. Then it was time for bed.

The End


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