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Angelinas Bestest Stories – I hope you enjoy them

Mr Crazy

One morning Mr Crazy woke up, he got dressed and put his trousers on his head, his top on his legs. As you can see Mr Crazy is quite crazy.

Mr Crazy had breakfast. He had jelly beans for breakfast. Then he went out to play. Mr Crazy came across Mr Finn, Mr Tadhg and little Miss Smile. They played hide and go seek together, It was good fun. Then it was lunchtime, so they went home to have lunch.

They all ate their lunches at home and then they all met again. They decided to go to farmer Darragh, because they wanted to help. So farmer Daragh gave them a job to pick the apples from the tree. But instead of picking the apples Mr Crazy picked the leaves instead.

Little Miss Smile just stared, and Mr Tadhg Stared, and Mr Finn stared as well. Mr Crazy said “Why are you staring at me?”. “Oh, I am sorry for staring at you” said Mr Finn, Mr Tadhg and little Miss Smile. “It’s OK” said Mr Crazy.

Then it was time for dinner. So they all went home for their dinner. They ate all their dinner. Then it was night time. So they went to bed. They all had a good dream.


The End.


Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel
Once upon a time there was a little Miss called Rachel who lived in a little house.
It was a lovely house. She liked her little house. She had lots of fun playing in her garden.
It was time for tea. She had a lovely tea. She had some toast for her tea. After her tea, she played a little more and then she went to bed. She had a lovely dream and then it was morning.
She had a lovely breakfast. It was a saturday. She likes to do some horse riding on Saturday, she liked horses. She went for a ride in her field. There was lots of flowers in the field. It was great. She liked playing a lot.
Then miss Smile came over to play with Miss Rachel. They had a great time. It was fun. Little miss Rachel and miss Smile went for a ride in the mountains. It was great. Then it was time for bed.

The End

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Mr Daddy

Once upon a time there was a Mr Man called Mr Daddy and he was the Daddy of all the Mr and Misses.
He wanted to take a walk and all the other misses and mr Men all wanted to come.
They played and played all day.
They all liked playing.
They all had lots and lots of fun.
The End
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Hello world!

Hello world,
I am Angelina Nico, I was born in 2004. I am going to publish my stories on here, and I hope you enjoy them.