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The crest of wonder

 An extract from the crest of wonder.

As Joan walked down the winding roads of Newcastle she got the feeling that she was being watched as she looked behind her to check if the feeling was there or even get a glimpse of who was watching her. She couldn’t get anything to see but the feeling was still there. She walked a little faster but at such a pace that no one would notice anything wrong. The walk became faster and faster until it broke in to a run. One more look thought Joan, just one more look. As her head turned to check there was a small hole in the road and she slipped and fell.

That’s how it all began

Chapter One

The Cave

As Joan woke up there was a pain in her head. the cave she was in was very circular. There was a faint light in the distance Joan ran and ran but soon became out of breath. Since Joan wasn’t exactly the best runner in the class. She came no closer to the light. “there is no point trying” said a soft voice behind her. “These walls are enchanted by the great and powerful Nguhal of Mareadadya”.

“Who are you? How long have you been there? What is your name?” was all Joan could manage.

My name is Riendy. I have been looking over you since you appeared in the cave.

So were you the one who was watching me.

Oh no that was Solina she is a friend of mine she is a centour and I am a griffen. I know what your thinking centour and griffen who thought it would ever happen. Well if you want to get out of here you only have to answer this riddle and I shall teleport you there, simple as that.

So what is the riddle asked Joan.

The riddle is who is the keeper of the dragon flame?

Ehhhhh some one

Okay I’ll give it to you this time since we are friends now, but i can only teleport you to the gateway of Nguhals castle and you will have to ask him for your innocence and to let you free.

Remember never enter lightening castle beware

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The Tremendous three

One Halloween night two girls and one boy were at home.  The names of the girls were Holly and Rose Ann and the boys name was Finn.  They were all at Holly’s house.  They were having a dare contest.  Then Finn came up with a really frightening dare.  The dare was that all of them have to go into the dark forest.  They all agreed that it was a very scary dare.  Then Rose Ann said ‘how about we all go tonight?’.  We have to stay in the woods for an hour.  All right then we will be off.   But before we go we need to pack a picnic.  Then we will be able to have a snack if we want to.  Thats a good idea said Holly.  We will bring three apples and six bars of candy. ‘What about something to drink?’ said Finn.  ‘Thats a good idea’, said Holly.  We will bring a bottle of orange juice said Rose Ann.  It was 9 o clock when they left the house.  Now we can be off.   So down the road they went.   Past all the houses and past all the shops into the dark forest but there was a little problem.  It was that they had to say a riddle to get past into the forest.  The riddle was that what is not yours and could be the size of a ring or the size of the big sky?  The children thought for a while then they knew the answer.  It was a gift.  The person who asked the riddle was amazed no one had gotten the answer right before.  They all entered the dark forest.  It was very scary in the dark forest.  They were all in the forest when Finn came up with an idea ‘how about I go get some wood to light a fire to keep us warm?’.  So Finn went off to find some wood for them.  Holly went with him to help him carry some of the wood.  Rose Ann was all alone she was trying to make everything good for the other two. She was all tired and sleepish.  I wish I did not come she said.  I miss my bed.   Soon Holly came back.  She looked very scared.  There’s a monster, there’s a monster Holly said. Rose Ann looked back at Holly scared.  ‘What will we do?’ said Rose Ann.  ‘Let’s make a quick dash but Holly said there was a little problem I cannot remember how to get out of the forest!’.  It was a really big problem because she was supposed to remember the way.  Holly started to cry, it’s all my fault she weeped.  ‘It’s ok’ said Rose Ann.  ‘I knew this would happen so I left a trail of candy behind us’.  ‘You’re very smart’ said Holly.  ‘Now all we need to do is to find the start of the trail’ said Rose Ann.  When Holly was walking she had her head down and she could not see where she was going.  Holly walked into a troll.  She got a terrible fright.  She screamed and screamed until someone came to save her from the troll.  Finally Rose Ann came to save her friend from the scary troll.  The troll said I will give you your silly friend back if you do something for me.

The thing is, I need you to get me a very special ring.  It is a very special ring with a ruby diamond and emerald setting. It is around that tree right there beside the lake. I need you to find it in half an hour and if you do not find it this little silly girl will be going into my dungeons. So you better hurry up.  I’ll be standing right here, waiting for you. The time was passing by and soon she only had 10 minutes before the time was up.  Then Rose Ann ran as fast as she could to get Finn. When she found Finn he was at the comp fire and the fire was all ready for them. ‘Where were you?’ said Finn, ‘I was waiting for ages!.   Rose Ann said ‘Holly got trapped and we have to save her follow me. He said if we fond a ring he would let her go.   She looked at her clock.  She only had 5 minutes left before Holly has to go to the dungeons.  Rose Ann and Finn ran has fast as they could.   There was only 2 minutes left.  They got there and searched and searched but still not a trace of it.  Holly was going into the dungeons.  They just knew it.  Time was up.  The troll laughed at them.  I have a new slave I have a new slave he sang.  The troll went down into the under ground cave.  They could see lots and lots of cells.  Most of the slaves were out and working at the mines.  They never see the sun light.  Rose Ann and Finn looked in all the cells for Holly but she was not in any.  She must be out working at the mines said Finn.  They were looking on the ground.  Then they saw the brilliant ring.  Now they have the ring.  They can give the ring to the troll and he will let Holly go.  So they ran to find the troll.  Then Finn stopped and said Rose Ann come over here.  What said Rose Ann.  Well I just think I know why the key is so important.  Why.  Look at these pictures on the walls.  They have pictures of trolls in the past locking up slaves and using the ring as a key.  I think we should hide in a cell and when the trolls go to sleep.  We go out and free all the slaves with the ring. They went into a cell.  Then they waited until there was no sound of people working at the mines.  Finn took out his phone and called his friend Barnaby Jones the detective bear, his helper Its, me the rabbit and Valor the dragon. To come right away. Then they went out of the cell.  They saw all the slaves in their cells.  They took out the ring and opened up every cell. Then all the three of them went in to throne room.  It was a very big throne room.  Barnaby Jones, Its me and Valor the dragon came rushing to the rescue.  There was a big battle between the troll army and the dragon, bear and rabbit.  When the smoke cleared the troll army lay defeated at the feet of the rescuers.  One of the slaves came over to Rose Ann and introduced himself. His name was Gerry the gnome. I know the way out in all the secret passages to get out of this cave.  There is a little tunnel going out just make sure all the slaves follow me and you of course if you want to get out. The rescuers as well. ‘Everyone follow me’. They walked along some corridors passed all different doors leading into different rooms.  They passed the hall with the food, passed all the rooms, they kept on going straight.  Then they turned a corner on to a road in the trolls village. They kept on walking all the way down until they were at the end of the village road. Then they climbed over the big wall and there was a big tunnel going all the way out and there was a little bit of trees that you could see. They kept on running and running as fast as they could until they came to a big exit.  They ran out into the open in the forest and all the slaves started running and dancing and skipping ‘I am free yippee I am free I am free’. The children went back to where their adventure had started near the great lake.  They walked up a bit more going through the trees and they went to where they were camping. They realised that they were in that cave for a day. They picked up their stuff for a snack and the drink. Then Holly remembered the way out of the forest and they walked back until they came to the little river and they were half way across the bridge when a big troll popped up and said ‘I am going to ask you a riddle and you have to get the riddle right and you will cross’. The riddle was… ‘you cannot hear it, you cannot feel it, you cannot reach out and grab it but you can see it’. The children thought for a while… They had a little huddle. Then, they came up with a really good idea that just might be the answer. They said to the troll ‘is it the dark?’. The troll clapped and said ‘you children may pass but I will give you harder riddles next time’.

They walked back home. They said goodbye to each other and said ‘we can have another adventure next time together and hopefully there won’t be any trolls!’. Rose Ann went to her house, Holly went to her house and Finn went back to his house. 

The end

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Miss Fussy

Once upon a time, there was a little miss called miss Fussy.

Little miss Fussy went for a walk. But she started to be Fussy. She said the sun was too hot.

So she went to the beach. She played on the sand. She played and played. She played in the water.

She started to be fussy again, and said the water was too cold.

So she went home.

The End

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Miss Tidy

Once upon a time, there was a little miss called miss Tidy.

She lives in a cottage. The cottage was very tidy. She liked her little house. She had a big garden. She played all day. Every day she played, she likes playing a lot.

Miss Smile and miss Rachel came to play. Miss Tidy had a cat. Her cat was asleep. The cat woke up with all the racket of the playing. Emily was a girl cat. She was a nice black one.

She had a dog called Lady. She was girl dog too. Lady the dog likes playing with other dogs. Lady had a play date today with miss Smile’s dog, Esweri. So when miss Smile went home she brought both dogs home.

It turned out very messy!

The End

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Mr Clumsy

Once upon a time, there was a mr man, called Mr Clumsy.

He was very clumsy, as you can see by his name. He nearly walked into poles. He nearly walked into walls. And made lots of noise when he walked. He always drops things. But he is very funny. He likes to play a lot. He is VERY fun to play with. He is VERY big.  He is great fun, he is great.

He has lots of fun in his garden every day. He plays in his garden a lot. It is very fun. Soon Mr Daddy came over to play, they had a good time together. They played football. They had a great time together. It was fun playing football. Then miss Smile and miss Rachel came to play. It was fun. Soon mr Tadhg, mr Crazy and mr Finn came to play. They had a great time together. Soon it was time for dinner.

They all came to miss  Rachels house for dinner.  They all had a lovely dinner. They all went for a ride in the mountains. It was great fun. After that, they all had some ice cream. It was scrummy.

The End

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Santa and the Riddling Wizard

One Christmas eve when in the north pole town people were starting to get cross. Well, they where starting to get cross because there was a riddling wizard and he called on them twice a week. The first time he came, he said three riddles and the second time he came, he wanted the answers. If the answers where wrong, he would take three people away to be slaves and they would never come back again.

Soon it was time for the riddling wizard to come to the town and say his three riddles.

The first riddle was what has a bed, but does not sleep?

The second riddle was what stone can grow?

The third riddle was what is bigger than the biggest thing, smaller than the smallest thing, poor people have it, rich people need it, and if you eat it, you will die?

Then, after the riddling wizard left, there was a flash, and Santa Claus appeared. He said “Right guys, I shall tell you the answer to the riddles and Jack can say the anwers.  The first riddle was what has a bed but does not sleep, the answer is a  river. The second riddle was what stone can grow. The answer is a cherry stone. The third riddle was what is bigger than the biggest thing, smaller than the smallest thing, rich people need it, poor people have it, if you eat it you will die. The answer is nothing.

Then there was another flash, and Santa was gone. Soon it was time for the riddling wizard to come back. So Jack told the answers. The wizard was most astonished. He said, “Ido believe you are cheating”. But then, Santa was there, he said “They where not cheating at all, I shall give you one riddle and see how you feel”. “If you get it wrong, you will never be allowed to tell another riddle in this town”

The riddling wizard said to this “You can never out riddle me”. “Well here’s the riddle” said Santa, “What is a cats dream made of milk?”

“That’s easy” said the riddling wizard. “Cream”. To make sure he had heard, he turned himself into a bowl of cream.

Santa said, “Their fluffy, have some lunch”, the cat lapped up all the cream before the riddling wizard could change back, and then they broke the bowl.

And that was the last that was seen of the riddling wizard!

The End

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Mr Crazy

One morning Mr Crazy woke up, he got dressed and put his trousers on his head, his top on his legs. As you can see Mr Crazy is quite crazy.

Mr Crazy had breakfast. He had jelly beans for breakfast. Then he went out to play. Mr Crazy came across Mr Finn, Mr Tadhg and little Miss Smile. They played hide and go seek together, It was good fun. Then it was lunchtime, so they went home to have lunch.

They all ate their lunches at home and then they all met again. They decided to go to farmer Darragh, because they wanted to help. So farmer Daragh gave them a job to pick the apples from the tree. But instead of picking the apples Mr Crazy picked the leaves instead.

Little Miss Smile just stared, and Mr Tadhg Stared, and Mr Finn stared as well. Mr Crazy said “Why are you staring at me?”. “Oh, I am sorry for staring at you” said Mr Finn, Mr Tadhg and little Miss Smile. “It’s OK” said Mr Crazy.

Then it was time for dinner. So they all went home for their dinner. They ate all their dinner. Then it was night time. So they went to bed. They all had a good dream.


The End.


Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel
Once upon a time there was a little Miss called Rachel who lived in a little house.
It was a lovely house. She liked her little house. She had lots of fun playing in her garden.
It was time for tea. She had a lovely tea. She had some toast for her tea. After her tea, she played a little more and then she went to bed. She had a lovely dream and then it was morning.
She had a lovely breakfast. It was a saturday. She likes to do some horse riding on Saturday, she liked horses. She went for a ride in her field. There was lots of flowers in the field. It was great. She liked playing a lot.
Then miss Smile came over to play with Miss Rachel. They had a great time. It was fun. Little miss Rachel and miss Smile went for a ride in the mountains. It was great. Then it was time for bed.

The End

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Mr Daddy

Once upon a time there was a Mr Man called Mr Daddy and he was the Daddy of all the Mr and Misses.
He wanted to take a walk and all the other misses and mr Men all wanted to come.
They played and played all day.
They all liked playing.
They all had lots and lots of fun.
The End
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Hello world!

Hello world,
I am Angelina Nico, I was born in 2004. I am going to publish my stories on here, and I hope you enjoy them.